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The card that started me lecturing

In the US, it’s common that businesses send out holiday greeting cards.  In 2009, I received one that was so hideous that I kept it for inspiration.  In November of 2010, I used it as the basis for my first newsletter for my business customers.  As the result of that newsletter, I was asked to hold a lecture on the topic of using images in marketing for small businesses.  I agree, and the thought began to fester–I could earn a few bucks lecturing during my off season.  The opportunity presented itself, so I held a lecture on Social Media which turned out quite well.

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been busy preparing for the lecture on images in marketing, and I haven’t had much time for blogging.  Instead of showing pictures, I’ll share with you the newsletter that started it all.  And just for you reading my blog, I’ll reactivate my special offer for the remainder of the month of March, 2011.

Are your photos worth their thousand words?

a really bad portrait on a holiday card
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I’m guessing that must be an average, because I can think of iconic images that say a lot more and mindless clutter that says a lot less.  Have you considered what your photographs say about you and your business?

With personal service becoming all more important, people want to know who they’re doing business with.  An example of this can been seen in the explosion of social media marketing.  People want to follow you on Twitter to know what you’re doing, see who you know on Linked In, or be your friend on Facebook.  They want to read your blog to know what you think.  So does you profile picture do you justice?  Are the pictures on your website up to date?  Do people recognize the images in your brochures as a template from Vista Print?

Last year I received this card.  My first reaction was, “Who are these scary people?”  I opened the card and promptly remembered, but I couldn’t shake the negative impression. ” What’s up with the disembodied head?  Is that some sort of halo behind the boss?  These people look like their job is killing them.  I don’t feel good about doing business with them.”

As we head into the holiday season, don’t forget about the images on your holiday greetings.  It’s not too late to create some fantastic new photographs of you.  Book your portrait session in November, especially if you’re thinking of sending out printed holiday greetings.

More than portraits

Don’t forget, I do a lot more than weddings and portraits.  I’m great at catching you and your business in action.  My skills developed photographing weddings translate perfectly to documenting your company’s celebrations and events.  I can even help provide unique artistic images to decorate your workspace.

Special offer: get double the images from your photo session

From now through the end of 2010 I’m offering a special two-for-the-price-of-one deal for my business customers.  For example, “Företagspaket Silver” includes a half hour photo session and two high resolution digital images in both color and black and white for 1200 kl.  Book your photo session before the end of the year, and you’ll get four images for the same price. More information is available on my website.

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