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A family challenge

The mom in this family contacted me,  enthusiastic about getting some good pictures of the family.  We selected a location by the lake Vomb where there are both beaches and big trees that are good for climbing.  Anticipating that the teenage boys would be less enthusiastic, she bribed them with the promise of pizza.  The smaller children were willing to play along, but the dad turned out to be the biggest challenge.

Because it was so bright and sunny, we started with some pictures in the trees.

family up a tree

After that, we walked along the beach to a rocky point.  I got some of my favorite pictures while people were walking.

family on the beach

Trying to get this group to pose was like trying to herd cats, so we kind of had to settle with people doing their own thing in the general vicinity of each other.  I then tried to get them to ham it up, and the resulting shot illustrated perfectly the dynamics of the group.  It’s not perfect, but it’s real, and I like that.

family on the rocks

Dad was trying to make a break for it, so I asked the teenage boys to pick him up.  They were reluctant to try at first, but surprisingly dad consented and even cooperated, and when the little brother ran up to help, they got the job done.

carrying dad

We finished off with a final attempt to get a group shot with everyone smiling at the same time.  By this point I’d given up on asking the dad to take his headset out of his ear, but even with that concession, he still clearly thought this was a stupid idea.

family circle

The kids couldn’t lie there on the grass for long without squirming and poking each other, so we ended up with a great shot of this fun and mischievous family.  Stay tuned for some of my favorite candid shots in tomorrow’s post.

fun family circle

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