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Family candids

While it wasn’t easy to get the family from the previous post to pose as a group, it was very easy to get great candid shots of them.  It started with the younger kids wanting help gettind out of the trees.

in dad


mom the nurturer
They didn’t need any encouragement to be  playful and goof around.

silly family antics

Even simple scenes like people walking and talking can make good photos.

walking and talking

I had no trouble getting different combinations because even though they broke up into smaller groups, they were always rearranging.  Even mom and dad got a moment together.

mom & dad walking on the beach

mom & dad

For some reason that didn’t make any sense to me, the youngest son was always attacking and trying to wrestle with the middle son.  Needless to say, this didn’t usually work out so well for him, but he certainly was persistent.  In one of my favorite scenes, the youngest son was pinned to the ground with his much larger brother sitting on his back.  He screamed for his mom, probably thinking she would intervene on his behalf.  Instead, she yelled back, “Look up!  Look at the camera!”  Yup, that cracked me up.

wrestling brothers

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