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Getting in touch with my dark side

Just because I’ve been working to increase my creativity in portrait composition at this workshop with David Beckstead doesn’t mean that I would ignore my instincts.  I couldn’t help but take some classic portraits and capture a few moments of genuine emotion.  I think it’s important to find a balance between the photojournalism, the traditional portraits, and the creative portraits.  After all, even if you like the creative stuff better, it’s still good to have a nice picture that you can give to your grandmother.

traditional wedding portraits

photojournalism style wedding portraits
We finished off our photo shoot at Strömstad Spa indoors.  The young couple who had dressed up to model for us (not professional models) were getting a bit tired, and they seemed relieved to relax on the couch.  It was quite dark there  in the lobby, but instead of trying to compensate for it, I embraced it.  I think these shots look particularly dramatic in a dark and contrasty black and white.  As 16 photographers jostled for position to photograph them, I could see their eyes glazing over.  I chose to work a different angle instead.

dark and moody at Strömstad Spa

dark and dramatic wedding portraits
The man when from having that “deer in the headlights look” to looking more like an example of bad taxidermy by the time I got into position to take the Beckstead shot, but if you ignore that, I think the low angle shot which is balanced with the pattern of the artwork on the wall above them turned out quite well.

We returned to Tanumshede where we refueled with pizza for dinner before finishing off the workshop at the town hall.  Here we played with simple artificial light sources in and otherwise dark room.  In the first pictures, a video light provided a great directional light.

video light portrait

A simple flashlight turned our male subject into someone so dramatically creepy he could have escaped from a vampire movie.

dramatic video light portraits

For our female subject, the flashlight was shown through different objects such as an oven grate, a bottle of water and a crystal bowl.  I’m not sure how I feel about the harsh shadow behind her in these shots, but it was an interesting idea.  I’m looking forward to taking the concepts from this workshop and trying them out to see how they fit with my reality.

dramatic lighting with a flashlight

Amy - Wowee, Lani… all really great photos. Impressive! Keep going … these are awesome.

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