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Business head shots–företagsporträtt skåne

företagsporträtt skåne

Is it time for new head shots or stock photos for your business?  For the month of March, I’ll give you an extra fully-retouched portrait with any business session.  You never know when a reporter is going to call, and when they do, the odds of them sending out a real photographer are slim, so you should be prepared to put your best face forward.

It might be time for new head shots when:

1. You don’t look like that anymore.  Seriously, if you’ve changed your hair style, lost or gained a bit of weight, or even just aged a few years, you don’t want that situation when meeting somebody for the first time and their first reaction is one of surprise.  It doesn’t have to be a dating situation for people to feel deceived and wonder what else you’re hiding.

2. Your photo doesn’t fit with your company’s branding.  Do you have a stiff studio portrait when your business is all about being friendly and inviting?  You don’t always have to wear your company’s colors, but it’s something to consider.

3. You want to emphasize an update or change in your business.  Heading in a new direction?  Launching a new product or a new attitude?  That’s a great occasion for new photos.

4. Your favorite photographer’s got a special deal.  😉

Hope to see you in front of my camera soon!


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