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The most famous part of Bremen is the old marketplace by the town hall.  The town hall and the statue of Roland in front of it are Unesco World Heritage Sites.  It just so happened that we were there the week before the national elections, so there were a lot of political rallies going on in that square.

Bremen market square
Bremen town hall interior
Bremen town hall interior details

I was also fortunate to get a spot in one of the guided tours of the town hall which is just as impressive inside as out.

What is that strange light fixture?  It’s the jawbone of a whale that was unfortunate enough to swim up the river all the way to Bremen in the 1600’s.

Beside the town hall is the famous statue of the town musicians (a donkey, dog, cat, and rooster) based on the Grimms fairy tale.  Bremen has a lot of other nice statues too, but one doesn’t have to be a marketing genius to guess which one adorns key chains, t-shirts, and mugs all over town.

statues in Bremen
flower market in Bremen

On either side of the town hall is an enormous church, though one is very famous and the other is not.  Behind church is another market place.  One had a farmers market, the other flowers.

Bremen, St Peters & Böttcherstrasse

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