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Baby Leila

A few days ago I got to photograph baby Leila, just two weeks old!  Leia was alert and looking around, so we started off inside with natural light from the kitchen window.  She quickly got used to me and my camera.

baby with flower
on mommy
baby Leila
baby in a basket
The picture above is a bit darker and more dramatic than one usually sees for baby pictures, but I like it that way.

Since the weather was so nice, we took some pictures outside too.

Leila in a basket
We were hoping that she would go to sleep and curl up in the basket, but despite several attempts, it just wasn’t happening.  When we took a break to make sure her tummy was full, I took the opportunity to photograph those adorable little feet.

baby feet

Stretching out on the wagon was more her style, but she was still not the least bit inclined to go to sleep.

radio flyer baby

baby in an old red wagon

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