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Pia in her garden

Pia is very self-conscious and hates having her picture taken.  I totally understand that!  However, as a coach and entrepreneur she has realized the importance of having good pictures of herself for marketing purposes.   For example, a good profile picture for Facebook and other forms of social media is an important investment.  If you’re using Facebook to keep in touch with your customers, that 1 x 1 cm square is how you’re seen.  It should be easily recognizable and portray you in a way you’d like to be seen.

profile pictures

Pia needed some traditional shots where she’s smiling and looking at the camera, but since she’s not comfortable in front of the camera, I alternated those shots with some joking around and giving her a task to do such as telling me about her garden or picking fruit.

portraits, sepia or black & white


Pia & Igor
It was amazing how much she relaxed as soon as she had something else to focus on.

Pia in her garden

Pia and the flying onions
picking fruit
Pia’s hobby is beekeeping, so while she was changing outfits, I took some pictures of her bees.  These might come in handy someday for her blog or a brochure.

white flowers and a bee
a bee at work

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