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Creative composition for wedding portraits

A few days ago I attended a workshop with world renowned American wedding photographer David Beckstead.  The workshop was hosted by the Swedish photographer Benny Ottosson in Tanumshede.  I’m so inspired now that I can’t wait to show you some of the pictures.  There were a lot of pictures, so I’ll divide them up.  This first batch is frcom Grebbestad church.

black and white wedding portraits

With my background in nature photography, I’m well aware of the rules and concepts of composition, but when photographing weddings, it’s easy to be lulled into a habit of taking the pictures that are expected–capturing the action and the emotion but perhaps not really thinking about composition.  This workshop challenged us to think about composition in different ways, challenging what we know and getting outside of our comfort zones.

wedding portraits, low angle


wedding portraits in the church with chandelier
We also learned to challenge our perspective and shoot without looking through the viewfinder.  At first I thought it would be very difficult, but I quickly got used to it, and the results were impressive.  Now I know how to get the low angle shot without having to lie on the floor of the church!  Likewise, I now have a chance of being able to shoot over the crowd even when I’m not the tallest person there.

dead bride

We also got to work with some unconventional posing.  I somehow doubt that “dead bride” will become one of my standards, but it was fun to experiment with.

natural light portraits

I love shooting with only existing light, so that part of the workshop was nothing new to me.  It certainly does add drama to the shot.

One more aspect of the workshop was working with reflections.  We did lots of that later in the day, but we also made use of the plastic cover to the sound system’s mixing board.   I must admit I never would have thought of that, but the result was really cool!

reflected portrait in church



Benny Ottosson - Kanonfina bilder Lani. Och så kul att du är nöjd med workshopen. Vi ses!

Bosse Bergdahl - Så himla bra bilder du tagit. Grattis!

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