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Portraits at the parking structure, a composition challenge

The workshop with David Beckstead continued after a lovely lunch at Tanums Gesgifveri with an outing to Strömstad Spa & Resort.  The surroundings were gorgeous, so I was more than a little surprised to find out that we would be photographing at the parking garage.  I must admit that I had never considered a parking structure as an appropriate backdrop for wedding portraits, and I hadn’t given it a second glance.

parking structure portraits

reflections in the parking garage
parking structure portraits
up against the reflective wall
Perhaps this was no ordinary parking structure?  It had great reflective surfaces, patterns, and leading lines.  I’ll never look at a parking structure the same way again.  Hopefully I’ll never take anything for granted again, because there are interesting photos everywhere just waiting for somebody to find them.

David Beckstead in action

It really was eye-opening to see the shots that David Beckstead composed.  I’d like to believe that despite 16 photographers pushing and shoving to get the same shot, I came up with some unique compositions too.  (Actually, being a group of Swedes and Norwegians, there was very little pushing and shoving–it was all very civilized.)

groom portraits

I do a lot of bridal portraits, and portraits of the couple together, but usually my grooms decline to be photographed alone.  Hopefully now I can convince them how cool if could be!

Benny Ottosson - Kanonfina bilder igen Lani!!!

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