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Workshop with Jerry Ghionis

I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop with the world-famous wedding photographer, Jerry Ghionis.  It was an incredibly inspiring experience.  He had a lot of interesting things to say and demonstrate, and he was also very entertaining and a genuinely nice guy.  His wife and business partner, Melissa, was also there, and after talking with her for a few minutes it felt like we were old friends.  It was clear that a considerable portion of their success was due to their talent for interacting with their clients, both in front of and away from the camera.

We also had a fantastic couple as models.  Here, Jerry gave some pointers on posing men.  (Note to Swedes: If you’re going to meet Jerry, bring “Bilar”.  He’s crazy about the car-shaped candies that the model is nibbling in the background.)

Jerry Ghionis gives pointers on posing men


Unlike some workshops where the participants are encouraged to replicate the instructor’s shots, at this workshop it was nearly impossible to take the same picture that Jerry composed.  His wife was filming over his shoulder, and as soon as he was done, he released the models and moved on.

In the following shots, Jerry set up the pose but I couldn’t get quite the same angle or crop.  Honestly, I don’t think the hand sandwich thing works for me, but I love the mood and interaction between the models.

bröllopsporträtter i naturligt ljus

par porträtter i naturligt ljus
bröllopsporträtter i fönsterljus

For the following shot, I know that my shot did not resemble Jerry’s at all because he was using a macro lens to get in really close to the reflection where it was distorted by the etching.

Bridal portrait with reflection

The shot on the left in this pair is also all mine.  I caught the model’s reflection in the mirror as she moved between shots, luckily I was prepared.  The shot on the right is probably fairly close to Jerry’s shot.  I wasn’t surprised when he called our model over to the beautiful spiral staircase, but I was really surprised when he ignored the staircase and photographed her in the light of the emergency exit sign.

wedding photography workshop with Jerry Ghionis

He took that example one step further by demonstrating candle light.

wedding portraits by candlelight.

The following pictures on the stairs in front of the stained glass window were probably as close as I came to duplicating one of Jerry’s shots.  These and the following pictures on the stairs, are lit with a video lamp.

Jerry Ghionis wedding photography workshop, Malmö 2012

Jerry Ghionis wedding photography workshop, Malmö 2012
We finished off the day with a couple more natural light portraits using just the light from the ceiling window.

bröllopsporträtter i fönsterljus
Portrait in window light

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