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Portraits in the Natural Light Studio

The natural light studio experiment is going well.  I’m learning a lot from the experience, and my customers are pleased with the results.  A couple weeks ago, my friend Bibbi (Bibbi Bergkvist Design) came to try out the natural light studio.  Bibbi’s the one who did my new logo.  I’ve photographed Bibbi before in less formal situations, and she’s never been pleased with the results, so this was really a challenge.  We started by talking about what she wanted in a photo and what she hasn’t liked.  It turns out that the solution was simple.  She prefers the way she looks when she’s looking directly into the camera.  Contact is important.  OK, we could do that.


Last week I had a visit from author and writing instructor Elisabet Norin who wanted some new pictures to use in her business. I hadn’t met Elisabet before, so instead of jumping right in and taking pictures, we talked for a bit over a cup of tea.  She was wearing a cute summer dress which matched her mood, but she wanted a more businesslike feel to the pictures.  Fortunately, I had a shawl that matched her dress, so she got some pictures that will feel appropriate the rest of the year too.

dagsljusporträtt, dagsljusateljé
 Nu har jag haft flera besök i min dagsljusateljé, och vi har fixat porträtter som Bibbi och Elisabet kan använda i sina företag.  Jag håller på att lära mig mycket från denna erfärenheten med dagsljusateljén, inte minst om vikten att prata med kunden innan fotograferingen.  Nu när man bokar tid i min ateljé, ingår en kopp te eller kaffe också.


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