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Makeover photo session, a transformation or a reveal?

While on vacation in Budapest last week, I took a side trip to Vienna to visit my friend Carmen, a photographer who specializes in glamor photography.  I also brought along  my friend Rose who was in Budapest too.  Carmen and I photographed each other, and we took turns photographing Rose.  Since we’d all had hair and makeup done, and we didn’t want to waste it, we went out for an amazing dinner in central Vienna.

Here are some of the pictures I took of Rose.  My first reaction was that it was such a transformation, but it’s not just about the makeup.  I think it’s about revealing the inner beauty that was already there.  Everyone has their own fabulous, and it was so much fun to bring that out and let it shine.

Carmen has her studio in what used to be a bed-feather factory.
Carmen touches up Rose
Rose before and after

Rose really does have hair in my favorite colors.  I thought she looked like she should be in a beauty magazine, perhaps in an ad for hair color.  Every time I look at these pictures, I get a little twinge of an urge to dye my hair blue too.

Rose looks like she belongs in a beauty magazine

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